Brand Design

Is your concept a bit stale? Does your logo look like someone drew it with an etch-a-sketch? Consider a brand/identity makeover. For a low, flat fee of $500, I will give you three new logo designs and work with you to finalize one of them. Files will be given to you in all formats needed for print/video/web applications.

Web Design

The most important impression your business can make is within the first 8 seconds that someone visits your homepage. Most of the time, users are looking for an appearance of legitimacy, and then to complete one or two simple tasks on your site. I will work with you to create a design that inspires trust in your organization, that leaves a lasting impression, and that quickly ushers users to the most important functions on your site.

Web Coding

The tools I rely on to produce good web code are my fast fingers and my left-brain. I literally hand-code every site that I work on, and could write it all on a napkin at a lunch-meeting to prove it. It would have to be a pretty large napkin, though. And a long lunch. Here's why clean code is important/advantageous:


I shoot with a Canon 10D digital SLR camera. I can shoot public or private events, corporate portraits, and more. I've got a great eye for nature and landscape photography, and am working to enhance my portraiture. My photos can be licensed for web use to beautify a website for a low fee of $35 each. View the portfolio and make an offer.

Photo touch-ups

Sick of not being in the group photos you take? Have an old photo that's wrinkled and damaged? Want to embarrass embellish a friend or co-worker? This self-taught Photoshop wizard can repair/edit/mashup your photo(s) and send you a new file to print. Prints can also be delivered.

Print Design

Brochures, pdfs, posters, newsletters, business cards, CD jackets and more. I can create a consistent look across all of your marketing collateral.

Copy Writing

I am quite capable of writing things clearly, concisely and quickly. And I love to write.

Freelance Work

Hire me for any/all of the above on a monthly contract, or by the job. See my recommendations.